Brand: Panini
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Sealed Display Box 'Panini EURO 2020 No Preview' with 50 Packs of 5 Stickers - Edition From Mexico

As the Euro 2020 was postponed to 2021 Panini issued in 2020 the collection 'Euro 2020 Preview' and withdraw from sale the already printed (original) collection.
In some countries part of the edition couldn't be withdrawn, mainly in Mexico and Russia, collectors and sellers gave these stickers the name 'No Preview'.

The 'No Preview' collection is very similar to the 'Preview Blue' collection, also has 568 stickers and you can stick them into a Preview Blue album. The biggest difference between the two collections are the stickers of the teams France, Switzerland and England, the player photos are different and they wear different shirts, you see some examples on the images (left sticker 'No Preview', right sticker 'Preview').

Condition: New / Mint

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